Development of a "blended" (classroom and online) course in China on Evolutionary Processes, Systems and Computation

How do you create a novel and interesting course in Computer Science with a scalable global delivery?

In collaboration with Shantou University in China we are developing a "blended" (classroom and online) course on Evolutionary Processes, Systems and Computation. The first week will be taught in China, then 8 weeks are taught online and finally the last week is taught in China. The course aims are:
- To extend the students understanding of evolutionary processes, systems and computation.
- To expose the students to new or non-conventional ways of learning, given their experience.

The longer term aim is to expand and scale the course to a full MOOC. In order to further the MOOC educational experience we want to consider what data to collect in the course in order to do analytics.

The tasks in the project involve:
- Setting up software for running the blended course
- Develop software for the projects in course, e.g. Mobile distributed Interactive Evolutionary Computation project of co-evolving strategies
- Assisting delivery of blended course to Chinese students
- Designing experiments and collection of data regarding blended learning

You will be working with a team of Post Docs, PhDs, MEngs and UROPs. Knowledge of Mandarin is a bonus.