Quanta and CSAIL Enjoy Evening at Fenway

Quanta and CSAIL Enjoy Evening at Fenway
Photo: Fredo Durand, CSAIL
CSAIL and Quanta members enjoyed an evening at Fenway Park during a project review meeting at CSAIL earlier this month.
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arlier this month, CSAIL welcomed members of Quanta Computer and Quanta Research Cambridge (the research and development division of Quanta Computer based in Cambridge, Massachusetts) for a project review meeting to discuss ongoing research efforts and future collaborations between the organizations. During their visit, CSAIL and Quanta colleagues enjoyed a memorable evening at Fenway Park as the Red Sox faced off against the Minnesota Twins. The group enjoyed a private tour of Fenway Park and watched the game from atop the infamous Green Monster at Fenway.

In 2005, CSAIL and Quanta Computer joined forces on the T-Party Project, later renamed Project Qmulus, a research collaboration aimed at developing the next generation of computing and communication platforms. During Quanta’s visit to CSAIL, Project Qmulus members discussed new research underway in the fields of educational technology, healthcare and telemedicine, core cloud technologies, big data and new ventures in improving human-computer interaction, as well as new opportunities for the two organizations to collaborate further going forth.