Transparent Web Browsing

Nowadays, all sorts of shady companies are collecting information about your browsing activities and using it for their own mysterious purposes. How could that information be used to your benefit? We propose to build Eyebrowse, a web browser extension that gathers information about your web browsing activities and shares that information (under your control) with others to mutual benefit. Potential applications include discovering interesting new web sites based on the browsing activity of your friends, improving web navigation by blazing trails to the important parts of web sites, supporting chance encounters when you and your friends are visiting the same web site, collaboratively browsing the web, identifying links between pages that ought to exist but don't, reporting on global web activity trends, tagging sites and pages according to the interests of people who visit them, and other exciting applications that you will come up with. Experience with Javascript, Django and general web application design is a plus, as is good performance in 6.813/831.

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