SciDB: An Open Source DBMS for Science and Engineering Applications

Contact: Michael Stonebraker (

The SciDB team is designing and building an open-source DBMS, optimized for science and engineering applications. It implements a nested array data model, an array query language that borrow heavily from SQL, runs on a grid of Linux nodes connected by TCP/IP networking, and contains novel features such as uncertain data and provenance. Further information can be obtained from our web site

Two positions are available for MEng students. The first one entails writing a collection of user-defined functions (UDFs) that implement parallel linear algebra operators and then benchmarking the SciDB versions with those of others.
The second position involves exploring how to provide provenance in SciDB, starting with how to provide client features efficiently and including a user notation for inquiring about provenance.
Both positions include one semester of support as an RA.