Daniel Jackson to be featured in LensWork Extended

Daniel Jackson to be featured in LensWork Extended
Photo: Photo by Daniel Jackson
The Stata Center, MIT, 2006
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April 30, 2007 -
Some photos taken of the Stata Center by CSAILS Prof. Daniel Jackson will be featured this month in LensWork Extended, a publication that focuses on photography and the creative process. Some images are visible on the LensWork website. Visit http://www.lenswork.com/enhanced/lwcollection.htm and click on pdf preview for issue number 70.

Prof. Jackson is interested in finding ways to make software more dependable and easier to use, and to reduce the cost of development. His research to date had focused on lightweight formal methods, in particular Alloy, a language for modelling software that is supported by a fully automatic analyzer based on SAT. He currently working with students on design analysis, checking code against designs, generating code from models, constructing end-to-end dependability cases, automatic test case generation, and storage leak detectio

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