Project: To program a model of fly's visual tracking.

We are looking for a UROP to program the simulated behavior of several artificial flies, interacting visually with each other. Each fly is described by a simple tracking system (Buelthoff, Poggio and Wehrhahn 1980; Wehrhahn, Poggio and Buelthoff 1982) which summarizes behavioral experiments in which individual real flies track and chase targets. The model for this behavior is suggested by M. Poggio and T. Poggio in their paper: Cooperative physics of fly swarms: an emergent behavior. A.I Memo No. 1512, C.B.C.L Paper No. 103 (1994). We expect the model to be programmed and hopefully also extend the simulation to 3D.

Prerequisites: Junior or senior with good programming skill who is interested in neuroscience.

Department/lab/center: The Center for Biological and Computational Learning (CBCL), BCS Dept./CSAIL

MIT UROP Faculty Supervisor: Prof. Tomaso Poggio

Contact information: Kathleen Sullivan,