Big Data+ Machine learning + Medicine + Volunteer compute: Could it get anymore exciting?

Come join us and learn how we are building a large scale machine learning system through which we are attempting to solve some of the most challenging problems for our society. The most fascinating part of this is that we want to do this by using the the left over cpu cycles on machines all across the world. Technically, this creates a challenge for us as we are not able to centrally coordinate and plan data distribution, algorithmic steps and collect and process results. During the first two years we have made a lot of progress and are now seeking students to work with us in deploying multiple data problems and understand the challenges that these problems present us in our framework. You will work with a team consisting of post-docs and graduate students.

MEng, Juniors and Seniors looking to lead to MEng via 6.UAT, UAP
Background: Course 6 courses in software and machine learning knowledge (6.034 and 6.867) 
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