From Mockup to Web App: Building the Next-Generation Web Template Language

Faculty Advisor: David Karger
Mentor(s): Ted Benson
Contact e-mail:
Research Area(s): Graphics and Human-Computer Interfaces
Think web frameworks like Node and Backbone are cool? Then help us develop the future of web templates. We are working on a web template language ( ) that continues to have benefits long after the page is rendered, including: rich copy-and-paste of data between websites, in-browser WYSIWYG editing, automatically-generated APIs, and site themes that are trivially transportable from site to site. We aim to empower casual web users with the ability to make professional web sites: from just a mockup, we hope to infer the data-backend and editing interface; by just pointing at another site, we hope to import that site's style for reuse on one's own. Experience with Javascript (or Coffeescript) and web development is a plus, as is good performance in 6.813/831.