Understanding the Human Learning Process Using AI Techniques


We are looking for strong Python programmers interested in contributing to a core learning architecture, which is going to set the standard internationally for reinforcement learning research. Through the process you will learn how to formulate many sequential decision making problems such as balancing an inverted pendulum, as Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) and how can you solve such problems.
Following skills are required:
- Object Oriented Programming in Python
- Linear Algebra

Following skills are highly desired:
- Visualization in Python
- Background in Artificial Intelligence (e.g. Dynamic Programming, Reinforcement Learning, MDPs)
UROP and MEng students will work closely with Postdoc Alborz Geramifard (people.csail.mit.edu/agf). Please send a brief description of relevant research and coursework background, short-term and longer-term availability and interest, and a copy of your resume to agf@csail.mit.edu.