Agarwal Dreams Big

Agarwal Dreams Big
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CSAIL Director Anant Agarwal is focused on designing the computer chips, and the super computers, of the future. In a recent profile of his research in Wired, Agarwal explains that the goal of his research is to look far into the future for creative and wacky solutions to technological challenges.
“If people say you’re not crazy,” Agarwal told Wired, “that means you’re not thinking far out enough.”
Agarwal is currently breaking technology market standards with his company Tilera with a new computer chip that has hundreds of cores, increasing a computer’s energy efficiency and improving memory. Tilera aims to release its next generation of processors, which could include chips with as many as 200 cores, in 2013. In the meantime, he is working on developing a new computing architecture that can meet the challenges of extreme scale computing through a DARPA-funded research endeavor called Project Angstrom.

Read Agarwal’s profile in Wired here.