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TIG Services/Comments & Suggestions

The Infrastructure Group (TIG) provides service-oriented computing, communications and operations assistance to support the world-class research underway at CSAIL. On the technical side, TIG handles everything from maintaining and monitoring a complex computing infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensuring lab members can access cutting-edge computing services. TIG maintains the lab’s five data centers, handles space accommodations and event logistics. Additionally, TIG actively promotes CSAIL research to the broader MIT community, reputable news organizations and the general public via a full-range of media relations and communications services.


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Hari Balakrishnan, Dina Katabi

A large, perhaps dominant, part of our computing future will be wireless and mobile. To realize that future, CSAIL researchers are developing novel solutions to four challenges: dramatic improvements in spectrum use, systems to develop and run distributed mobile applications at scale, security and privacy in the mobile world, and energy-efficient designs. These efforts are part of the MIT Center for Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing, housed at CSAIL, whose participants also include researchers from LIDS, MTL, and RLE.


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Sam Madden

To solve the data deluge, CSAIL researchers will be investigating how to transform big data into big insights. CSAIL members will explore all the challenges and opportunities presented by big data, from cloud computing, data management, massive scale data analysis, algorithms, data mining, machine learning, security, privacy and visualization to all of big data’s applications in fields such as finance, medicine, biology, artificial intelligence and social networking.

Communications Mission

The Communications Team is dedicated to promoting CSAIL research, innovations, events and lab members to the CSAIL community and the general public. The team publishes news and feature articles, photographs and videos to publicize the lab, utilizing social networking and working closely with the MIT News Office to help promote CSAIL research to reputable news organizations.

Got news? Email us at tig-communications@csail.mit.edu or stop by room 32-270. We look forward to working with you!

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