Ray and Maria Stata Center

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Finding us in the Stata Center:

Photos And Building Web Sites:

Photo by Patsy Sampson

Photo by Patsy Sampson

Photo by Patsy Sampson

Photo by Patsy Sampson

More about the building:

The Stata Center In The News:

The state of Stata (Free Registration required)
The Boston Globe
March 11, 2007

On Campus: Sharing Space, Sharing Ideas
October 30, 2006

Stata the Art Robotics
MIT News Office
July 11, 2006

Painting the campus green
July 7, 2006

High hopes
MIT News Office
June 8, 2005

Stata engineering honored
MIT News Office
April 22, 2005

A moment of reflection
MIT News Office
February 9, 2005

Building innovation into the walls
December 2, 2004

Frank Gehry for the Rest of Us
Wired Magazine
November 2004

The $300m fixer-upper
Boston Globe
October 29, 2004

The elephants walk
MIT News Office
October 20, 2004

Emily Corbato's Stata Center Construction Photos on exhibit at the McCoy Gallery, Merrimack College
September 1 - October 6, 2004

Grinning tots populate new lot
MIT News Office
September 2, 2004

Greater Boston: MIT Opens Stata Center
(includes video clip)
Greater Boston TV
originally aired June 22, 2004

Architects trade views on Stata Center design
MIT News Office
May 19, 2004

Taking Creative Risks
CBS News.com
May 13, 2004

Frank Gehry Gives M.I.T. Its Newest Experiment
The New York Times
May 13, 2004

2004 Max Wasserman Forum on Contemporary Art presents. The University as Patron of Cutting Edge Architecture (Streaming Video)
MIT World Web Site
May 8, 2004

Digital tools went into it; innovation will come out
MIT News Office
May 12, 2004

New building embodies vision -- and quirkiness
MIT News Office
May 12, 2004

At Kendall, look what the Gehry cat pulled out of his hat
May 9, 2004

Outside the box
Boston Globe
May 9, 2004

Gehry takes a village to create the Stata
Boston Herald.com
May 9, 2004

MIT Spotlight: Why shouldn't Architecture be fun?
May 7, 2004

MIT's new, offbeat center

Boston Herald.com
May 7, 2004

MIT's Stata Center opens May 7
May 6, 2004

Frank Gehry's Geek Palace
Wired Magazine
May 2004

Stata Center dedication this week
MIT News Office
May 5, 2004

After buildup, MIT center is a letdown
The Boston Globe
May 5, 2004

MIT hopes new building will stir the broth of creativity
The Boston Herald
May 1, 2004

'Green' Buildings Emerge in Boston
The New York Times
April 28, 2004

Dizzying heights -
In Frank Gehry's remarkable new Stata Center at MIT, crazy angles have a serious purpose

The Boston Globe
April 25, 2004

MIT leaves behind a rich history in Tech Square
MIT TechTalk
March 17, 2004

Stata Center Move Begins This Week
The Tech, Volume 124, Number 13
March 16, 2004

Monumental effort
The Boston Globe
March 3, 2004

2006 Class Ring Features Secret Message, Nod to Stata
The Tech, Volume 124 Number7
February 22, 2004

Starchitecture on Campus
The Boston Globe
February 22, 2004

Winners, sinners of Hub design
The Boston Globe
December 31, 2003

'Salamanders' is a team effort
- Prof Eric Demaine and Artist George Hart work with volunteers to produce a mathematically-based sculpture that will hang in Stata.
November 19, 2003

CSAIL Students Help Frank Gehry Design Our Furniture
October, 2003

Stata Budget Actually $283.5M, Not Globe's $430M The Tech
September 19, 2003

Questions build right along with MIT's Stata Center
Boston Globe
September 11, 2003

Lab architecture: Do you want to work here?
August 14, 2003

Bill Gates donates $20 million for new LCS building
MIT Tech Talk
April 14, 1999

Alex Dreyfoos commits $15 million for building in new MIT complex
MIT Tech News
March 18, 1998

Ray and Maria Stata give MIT $25 million, the largest gift ever for a building project at MIT
MIT News
December 9, 1997