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  • VIDEO: Prepping Atlas for DARPA Robotics Challenge Check out this video showing what it was like to prepare for the DARPA Robotics Trials in December. Our team had to complete a series of tasks using the Atlas robot, including climbing stairs, opening doors, twisting valves and moving heavy pieces of wood. Last month the CSAIL team, led by...
  • New algorithm could boost the efficiency even of huge networks like the InternetFinding the most efficient way to transport items across a network like the U.S. highway system or the Internet is a problem that has taxed mathematicians and computer scientists for decades. As the size of networks like the Internet has grown exponentially, it is often prohibitively time-...
  • Google is coming to your car dashboard - PI John Leonard discusses on Bloomberg TVWhat does it mean for driving if our car dashboards start to morph into smartphones? On Bloomberg TV today, MIT Professor and CSAIL Principal Investigator John Leonard discusses how Google is betting on dashboards becoming the "fourth screen" to go alongside TVs, desktop...
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