Main Street Entrance

1) Pick a Floor

This building cross section is divided into 8 floors. Click on the floor of the building you would like to see. Section View 8th Floor 7th Floor 6th Floor 5th Floor 4th Floor 3rd Floor 1st and 2nd Floor

2) Pick a Spot to view on this floor.

The Red Spot is what is currently displayed. Pick a Blue Spot to see another part of the floor.

Floor Plan Main Street Entrance Information Desk Vassar St. Entrance

3) View the Area

When the panorama has loaded, click and drag in the viewer to pan left, right, up and down.

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What you see:

The Main Entrance of Stata was designed to be a new major portal for the MIT Campus. Located at the junction of Main and Vassar streets it looks inward to MIT and outward to the commercial world. Both MIT and the public enter this grand beginning to the "MIT of the future" through this door.